We help our clients through lots of services, but if we broke them into categories
there would be seven of them:


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Market research — helps companies identify growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy based on a deep understanding of customers and the market as a whole. We use a robust and comprehensive market research strategy to ensure maximum research coverage.


Our market research service includes applying the right methodologies from primary and secondary sources to collect market information. This service includes a series of sessions with the client, drawing up a research methodology, list of questions, raw data and key findings report.


Finally, as part of our market research solutions, we use advanced business intelligence and visualization techniques to highlight our results.




Set the direction

Effective communication begins with a strong strategic plan. A plan that specifies objectives, challenges, target audience, provides view on things in the market, taps into something really important for the brand and consumer and gives a specific direction for the creative.

It answers the question "What does the brand need to say?" Brand strategy — refers to defining the brand essence, it's positioning in the market against competitors, values, story, personality, tone of voice, visual identity, etc. It answers the question "What is the brand about?"




The kitchen where brains cook and hearts burn

Welcome to the Creative Department, the center of the Maverick universe. In our kitchen of ideas and concepts, our top copywriting and design chefs create vibrant and memorable projects for a variety of destinations. We don't believe in creativity for the sake of creativity, we believe in useful creativity. The ones that can make you think and change your mind. Let's change minds together!




A team of professional visionaries produces the best solutions

You don't play with fonts here. Here - they're put in place, driven into a grid, and typeset until they pulse. Our team gets inspired by an idea and makes the design work for it. Designs need to evoke emotion, talk about themselves, and always be unique to each project. Visual stories that work for the brand are waiting for you in our most creative department.




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  • Digital Strategy

    We develop the brilliant digital strategies — a written plan clarifying brand online goals and helping to put the right actions and processes in place to achieve these goals. Our strategies relate to brand overall marketing objectives

  • Creative


    We develop the creative ideas, concepts, legends, mechanics that become a foundation for marketing campaigns or help to achieve digital metrics

  • Media planning, buying and management


    No one will know your brand until your ad is spread! We create an effective mix of platforms and tools that help to deliver your brand message to your potential customers

  • Community Management


    We turn online audince into loyal communities for brands. We support communities and manage brand online presence on a daily basis


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  • Placement / airing strategy and recommendations


    Over the analysis of your campaign objectives, we prepare media placement strategy that will help you to achieve high results through most effective communication on each media channel

  • Media buying


    On behalf of our clients we communicate and negotiate best buying prices with all vendors

  • TV and Radio Media planning

    We prepare the most effective media plans for TV and Radio advertisement campaigns. We guide our clients by selecting the best TV channels, radio stations, programs, day parts and etc., to achieve high KPIs when the campaign airing ends

  • Non-standard placement

    We help our clients to find and activate sponsorship projects in different media. Then we negotiate with those partners on your behalf, calling on years of experience to ensure you get the best return on your investment and customer feedback

  • Outdoor Media planning

    We control outdoor placement on each stage, starting from the selection of best outdoor address program needed for campaign objectives achievement, ending with detailed reporting over the installation process

  • Reporting

    On the base of research tools availability, we provide our clients with all needed reports over past campaigns, supplementing them with our analysis and further recommendations


And we are your one stop shop

As by getting on board with Maverick for communication services, you’ll also get a possibility to access exclusive prices for high-end video and photo production by our sibling company, the biggest production house of the Caucasus region — Baku Media Center.




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