ATL Tech

ATL Tech. Your shortcut to results

Refreshing the brand. Brand Repositioning, Brand Strategy and Tagline

Case Study

Making software development company understandable

ATL Tech is a software development company, whose ambition was to become a regional leader, known to companies of any size that need digital transformation of any kind.

The challenge

Was to differentiate ATL Tech in quite a saturated market and sell them to people who run businesses.


After a month of research, we found it. For businesses, software development was not about IT. It was about making the business more efficient. And who can you trust your business processes to? Of course not to an IT-guy, but rather a business consultant, who knows IT, too. And ATL Tech's advantage was in the fact that they had real, knowledgeable business experts in their team who made the whole software development process much more meaningful.


The only local software development company that knows not only IT, but also business well. The brand idea came from several components that ATL tech had: business expertise, passion for innovations, operational excellence and daring spirit.

Brand idea

ATL Tech. Impacting businesses. To grow and thrive.


ATL Tech. Your shortcut to results.