Gardashlar Mebel

Case Study

Promo Video

Gardashlar is a company that creates a wide range of furniture such as Smart, Home and office furniture. Agency was requested to make a promo video, not only for the local market, but for the company’s US market as well.
We offered to go a unique way, working with close-up images rather than usual furniture videos where all assortments’ of furniture are shown. Within the 1-minute video we communicated the work process of the staff to the audience, emphasized on both: the production of iron and wood furniture, delivered the size of the production factory to the audience, had minor drone shootings. Overall, there were 3 videos created: for local market, Social Media and video in English for the US market. We were able to show the close acquaintance with the production process. One of Agency’s aims was to show the authenticity and professionalism of Gardashlar Furniture.