Future's close to you

Brand Repositioning, New Creative Platform, New Brand Tagline

The challenge

Changing the biggest telecom
player in the market

In 2021 Azercell turned 25. So we needed a big campaign on this occasion. The objective of the campaign was however not only to highlight and celebrate all the achievements of the brand, but also to announce the new tagline developed in line with the update of the strategy. The challenge was to combine the two objectives in a meaningful way.


We looked what other brands did on their big anniversaries and thought that we didn't want to come up with a boastful story about how cool the brand is and just give out presents on the occasion. We needed something emotional, meaningful and real — to be in line with the new strategy of the brand. So we changed the perspective and looked at these 25 years through the eyes of the most important element of the brand's existence — the consumer.


So we created a manifesto—an ode to consumers—placing them in the middle of everything that happened during these 25 years and showed how the brand was listening to their needs and adapting to their demands by providing them with innovative products through all this time. We also made a transition from past to future, highlighting the brand's new strategy and promise — to continue serving their everchanging needs and bring future closer to them.