Future's close to you

Brand Repositioning, New Creative Platform, New Brand Tagline

Case Study

Changing the biggest telecom
player in the market

In 2019 Azercell has announced its transformation and commitment to becoming consumers’ digital provider. The problem was, however, that not everyone actually got it. Digital is a nice word, but it’s hard to live it.

So, we thought that Azercell should come closer, become more down-to-earth, human and emotional in order to help people see, explore and discover the fact that digital (together with technology, innovations etc.) is a means to a better, easier, more connected and, as a result, more comfortable life.

The word that we carefully chose to stand for all the innovations and technology Azercell brings to people is — "Future". It’s something always desirable yet beyond reach, something that you believe is more advanced than today, something you’d be thrilled to get a glimpse of. 

What about the launch? Luckily, this year Azercell celebrates the 25th anniversary of its performance in the market, and we found no better occasion to remind people where the whole story of Azercell started, how it went and show the new route of where the brand is heading now.