Integrated Digital Campaign

Case study

Novruz is in the air

The Challenge

Azercell — is the leading telecom provider of Azerbaijan that always sets a festive mood for national holidays. Client brought us a real challenge to create a digital campaign which is to be build upon the excitiment around the Novruz and ensure its difference from a millions of Novruz campaigns that all the local & global brands launch for Novruz in Azerbaijan. The secondary goal was to reach a new level of engagement with Instagram contest.


We decided to build the whole campaign around the anticipation of the holiday using the hashtag #Gəlir (#ItIsOnItsWay) and develop a multi-stages contest where no stage can be missed to get the main prize.


We developed Insta-contest in which each post was a door to a separate quiz and thus led the audience through storytelling which brought them closer to Novruz celebration. After going through all the rooms, the user could upload a stickerpack dedicated to Novruz elements. Apart all the engaging, the campaign culmination was an ASMR video which reflected everything that Novruz brings - from experiences to crunching sounds of national sweets ❤️