Gulustan Sarayi

Heritage in shape of light and shadows


Gulustan Palace is a legendary building, which exists since 1980 and has hosted many important events in the country, including the International Oil Consortium in 1998, where the "Contract of the Century" was signed. The authors of the project applied in the architecture of the palace a single motif, traditional for Azerbaijani national architecture: an arcaded veranda (aivan). In the words of the authors of the book "The best works of Soviet architects in 1981-1982" this veranda "overhanging the walls of the first floor creates the impression of lightness and refined play of light and shadow". It is the appearance of the building that has become its calling card, which we have decided to reflect in the new logo, timed to coincide with the re-painting of the palace after a major renovation. 


After many sessions of sketching the outlines and details of the building, we decided to move away from the usual trend of contouring the building in similar logos. We realized that the main thing in the logo of Gulustan Sarayi is not detailing, but the transfer of scale of the palace. We generally got away from the details, conveying the idea of "light and shadow" with the outlines in a minimalist style, more in the direction of constructivism. As a result, we got a stylish, three-dimensional and memorable logo, which at first glance not only remids the iconic building, but also feels its monumentality. We have also developed a beautiful and user-friendly website, where you can both learn about the rich history of the palace with a handy timeline, and book any of the halls for the most important events of your life.