Make The Law Work

Social Campaign

The challenge

The laws are made to work

In October of 2020, we all cried our hearts out when our great army was restoring the justice and integrity of our whole nation. We've been living with our lands unjustly occupied by Armenia for too long. The key issue we wanted to highlight was the fact that international law was neglected, that what has been happening — was not only immoral, but also illegal.


Make The Law Work

So, we decided to voice our feelings about it hoping that international community will hear it and will act upon it. What was important for us is to show that it doesn't only concern us as a nation. It might as well happen in any other country.


So, we gathered representatives from various countries who reside in Azerbaijan, work here and have their whole life connected to our country — Italy, India, Ukraine, etc and together with our team we told our story.